Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy birthday, Polly!

The tracking report shows this little quilt has arrived at its destination, so I think it's OK to post it now.

A couple years ago, Polly asked me to make some wall art for her office. My first shot -- Portrait of Polly -- failed because there was no practical way to attach the boxes to her walls. (My velcro hanging method didn't work.) So that effort moved to Polly's living room, and I vowed to make a wall quilt to fill the space. The project was well under way when I completely forgot about it for some reason. Don't ask -- aging isn't pretty. I was cleaning my studio last summer and stumbled across the fat quarters I'd been prequilting and embroidering to include in the wall hanging. ("What are these? They're pretty! Oh, look! They're embroidered. I wonder who did that. Oh, it was me! I wonder why I did that." Etc., etc.) I took up the wall-quilt project with a real focus on finishing in time for Polly's birthday this year.

Missed it. I decided the roads between the rows of little houses needed to be filled with hundreds of tiny buttons. I don't know why. Adding the buttons turned into a marathon that ended only last Sunday. So at last, the little house quilt is in Polly's hands. I finished it just in time for her to leave her former office and strike off on her own as a consultant. Isn't my timing awesome. Maybe there will be a spot for it in her new home office. Fingers crossed.

These photos made me realize a board has popped off my back fence. Dangit.

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