Sunday, November 4, 2012


Over on Facebook, my darling friend Heather Williams Byrd started a daily post of thankfulness throughout the month of November. I loved that idea so much that I stole it from her. Then I realized that Facebook posts kind of scroll off and fade away over time (as they should). So I'm going to copy my posts here -- I want to be able to look back and remind myself on days when my attitude-of-gratitude needs a boost. Oh, and in case it's not obvious, there's no rank to these posts, like most-grateful to least-grateful or whatever. It's just whatever pops up in my head that day. Here are my posts so far:

November 1: Because today is his 89th birthday, I'll start the month with expressing my thanks for having the most awesome, supportive, loving stepdad in the world. Our family is so blessed that Joe Ammons came into our lives 22 years ago. I am thankful every day to know this man.

November 2: Today I'm thankful for: My beautiful daughters. At 37, I thought my chance to be a mom had passed by. And then a miracle. Two precious babies who have grown up to be two remarkable women--smart, talented, beautiful, and loving. I thank God every day for letting me have the amazing experience of being their mother. I love you, Rachel and Codie.

November 3: Today I am thankful to have an amazing sister -- a woman I would admire, respect, and want to be friends with even if we hadn't been born into the same family. Her attitude is grateful, spiritual, and inspiring, even when times are tough. I'm so lucky that she's my baby sis. I love you, Tanya Felton Stillman!

November 4: My mom is everything to me. Her support, sacrifices, and steadfastness throughout my childhood were inexhaustible. As an adult, I've discovered her to be my never-fail friend. She's smart, strong, hilarious, loving, giving, creative, beautiful. My mom is one hell of a woman. I never forget how lucky I am to be her child.  

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