Friday, February 27, 2009

Trying to be a quilter

I've been working up my courage to attempt a bed-size quilt for...oh...30 years or so. Now that I've got some experience with small pieces under my belt, I'm closer than ever to doing a "real" quilt. But what do I want to do?

I totally love the bright, modern, scrappy, improvisational quilts sashed in white that are popping up all over the web these days, such as this one from Melly & Me blog.

But I also love the geometry and order of traditional quilt patterns. Double Irish Chain has always been one of my favorites.

So this morning it hit me: What if I use the edgy colors and sashing with a traditional pattern? Oh, yeah. Gotta try it. Who knows how many years it will take me to complete it, so try to imagine the scrappiness and colors from the first example in the pattern of the second example.

I'll definitely have to wait till after the wedding to start sewing. That much continuous machine time is going to require setting up in front of a TV somewhere. (No TV in my studio, dangit.) But maybe I can start cutting my scraps.

Now I'm excited.


idyll hands said...

Use the bright colors and scrappy aspects of the first quilt to do the 2nd quilt. There you go, presto changeo, a quilt.


Denise Felton said...

That's what I meant. Sorry I expressed it so badly. Think I'll go back and do an edit.

Punkinhead said...

Great idea Denise! I have been following a quilter's blog called Oh Fransson and she does those squares of fabrics sashed with cream or white. GORGEOUS. It makes me want to quilt and be afraid of quilting all at the same time.

There is a quilting shop in Rogers now - you have to come visit!!!

Janna said...

Oh! It will be so beautiful!! I have always loved double Irish chain too. And drunkard's path. Not sure why, but I like that one. I can't wait to follow along as you blog your progress!

I finally got Codie's cd of photos in the mail yesterday. She should have it by Monday.

Denise Felton said...

Punkin, we hit Rabbit's Lair a few weeks ago, and I was nearly drunk from the experience. Whoa. I suspect Rogers has the best quilt shop in Arkansas. I even wrote about it on my CG blog. I said I felt like lying down on their displays and rolling around! Ooooooooooo.