Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wanna bet?

Does anybody think I got TV and Internet service installed today? Anybody? Nehhhhhh. It didn't happen. What a surprise.

I managed to refrain from a tantrum this time. Unlike last week, today's phone rep did not act like I'm a drooling idiot put on earth solely to torture him. In fact, when he told me my installation order for today had been cancelled, and I calmly explained the history of this situation, he not only placed a new order with an expedited date (next Monday), but also committed to following up personally on Friday and Monday to make sure nothing else goes wrong, gave me the first month of service free, and applied every promotional discount available for the next year.

Okay. That works.

Actually, he offered to have an installer work OT to do my installation on Saturday. But that would have meant cancelling a hair appointment plus my Christmas weekend with the Newsoms. If I cancelled the trip and they didn't show up, I would surely have had an exploding aneurism. So I opted for Monday, when I'm planning to be off work and home anyway.

I'm not even going to bother posting an update on CG. I don't want to make any more promises I can't keep. Cross your fingers that, sometime next Monday, I'll be able to post that I'm back.


casserole said...

well, I was feeling all lucky (and a little bit guilty) that our service was being installed yesterday. except that feeling quickly turned to frustration and then to a tender grasp on reality as the hours passed and Tony's precious multiple static IPs created problem after problem. Dude was in our house for 7 hours, and then Tony was on the phone with technical support easily for another hour. Still isn't completely up and running (have internet but not email) and we're due for another call tonight. YAY.

Janna said...

Somehow, I knew they would mess up again. I'm so sorry!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll get service on Monday. At least you got to save some money.

ElegantSnobbery said...

*fingers crossed for ya!*


Hopefully, Monday will be your day!!

Punkinhead said...

Thank god for technology - without it you wouldn't have all these wonderful people to share your misery with! *pries tongue out of her cheek*