Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sharing my shame

I'm back. It's true. I have Internet at home again. It will probably take me six months to catch up on everything I've missed, but I'm just so happy to be here.

Speaking of catching up...Back in April, Annie issued a challenge for a studio clean-up. At the time, the idea completely overwhelmed me. My studio was such a disaster! Could it ever be cleaned up? Dunes of craft supplies and partially finished projects filled every crack and crannie and every inch of floor space. It felt hopeless.

But somewhere in the past month or so, my daughter and her fiance helped me haul everything out of there. I scoured the floor and installed new shelving and moved everything back. And we moved the old shelving to the garage. The piles of normal garage stuff are now neatly organized and shelved. And all my frames and other large, awkward art components have a shelf of their own. It's pure heaven.

Here is the documentation of my shame and my recovery.




idyll hands said...

Well done. Are we placing bets on how long it will stay looking like that? :)

Lisa_in_AR said...

I think the mess just meant you were actually USING all of your craft/ art supplies. Although, it does help me to be more productive once I've cleared out the clutter a bit. Nice job!

TattingChic said...

What a fabulous transformation!

Janna said...

Congrats on getting internet again!! Love the new studio. Hopefully it will mean less time spent looking for stuff and more time spent actually creating. I love it when I get my stuff organized. It never lasts, though. After a while, things creep out and the whole place needs to be redone again.

Oh Mandie! said...


Feel free to come on over and tackle my stuff next!

casserole said...

my studio clean up challenge was really 9 months ago??? hahahahaha!!!! I SO haven't followed through, though I am once again slugging through trying to find a few square feet of floor space. I decided that maybe I needed a different studio for each area of interest - a sewing studio, a papercrafting studio, a screenprinting room. Then I told Tony he needed to get on to becoming a millionaire so we could afford a 15-bedroom house.

Debbie Nelson said...

Denise, I am so glad that you FINALLY got your internet...your studio is awesome!