Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Two newses

AREtsy Julie Anne (Diamondmeenah Creations) was scheduled for a doctor's visit in Little Rock today, so we tried to coordinate a lunch date. As it turned out, her doctor was in no hurry, and I ended up with a 2:00 p.m. meeting I hadn't expected. Our window of opportunity was squeezing shut, and I was afraid that I was going to miss her.

Even though they had never been to Little Rock before, her husband Tommy grabbed the truck by the horns and brought Julie Anne right to the doorstep of my office. What a wonderful treat!

If you're an AREtsy, you expect to see Julie Anne's comments pop up regularly on our e-mail list. She greets every new member. She appreciates and responds to every idea. She jumps in to do research when people have questions. And she keeps everyone laughing with stories about her feathered "kids." Could she possibly be that sweet and cute in person? Oh, yeah. Totally. She is just as beautiful, witty, kind, and animated as her online personality. And then some. She's tiny and delicate looking, but she's a ball of lightning. And thoughtful as always, she brought me presents: beautiful pink dryer lint and colorful feathers (which she identified according to which kid had contributed each one).

I could easily have spent ten hours with Julie Anne without running out of fun conversation. But I'm grateful for even a brief visit. (I consider this to be just our first meeting, Julie.) I owe this pleasure to Tommy, who is the perfect partner for Julie Anne--big and sturdy and handsome and quiet, but always ready with a chuckle, a smile, a comment. Thanks for being our hero today, Tommy. Hope y'all were able to connect with Vicki before you left town, and I hope your road home was smooth and easy.

News #2: I finished Joy's mardi gras mask. Jonathan is picking it up in the morning, and I probably should wait till it's in Joy's hands to upload images. But tonight's an unbusy, quiet night (except for the booming storm), so I'm going for it.

Look what I did! If I made masks every day, I'm sure my techniques would improve. But I like my first effort. All those Weigts are muses for me.


casserole said...

OMG - the mask is phenomenal! I saw it 'in process' at your house, but WOW the final product is amazing!!!

And Yay! to Tommy for bringing Julie Anne to visit you. What a guy!!

idyll hands said...

Wow - what a beautiful mask! I might have gone out tonight had I mask like that :)

Lisa Bylander said...

Ditto what they said, that think is fabulational! (I just HAD to make up a new word to describe it).

Lisa Bylander said...

oops, I meant "that THING"

Julie Anne of Diamondmeenuh Creations said...

That mask is beautiful! AsaMina, who's on my knee at the moment, beeped at it (that's a compliment, promise). I had such a fabulous visit, too! Next time we drive Elsie (she'll fit better on the narrow streets!) and NO doctors appointments!! I did so enjoy our visit, too. And, don't forget to give Snickers a ear skritch for me. I do love that mask! You really did an amazing job!