Monday, February 4, 2008

An embarrassment of riches

AREtsy, the Arkansas Etsy street team, had a secret valentine swap. Dogwoodlane organized it. (Thank you, thank you, girlfriend!) She set up the swap so that the person to whom we sent a secret gift was not the same person from whom we would receive a secret gift. My treat arrived today, and I'm thrilled speechless. Good thing my fingers are still working so I can share this with you.

My swap donor is Erin Jepson, aka Idyll Hands. (You may remember her from her profile on December 9.) I ordered one of Erin's knitted wire bracelets for Polly's Christmas present. When it arrived in the mail, it was so delicately beautiful that, for a moment, I thought about just keeping it and finding something else for Polly. Exquisite.

When I opened my mailbox today and saw an envelope with Erin's return address, I closed my eyes and hoped this meant she was my swap partner. Yes! Maybe I was getting a pair of earrings from her delicious new line. No!

Well, yes, actually. I did get this gorgeous pair of her new earrings. Pretty freakin great present, huh.

But I also got this incredible pair of wire-wrapped, beaded earrings.

And I got this extraordinary bracelet matching earrings number 2.

And there's more. It was all wrapped beautifully, tied with colorful yarn from which this handmade heart dangled, and a charming handmade card was tucked inside.

I am so lucky! I am Miss America. And you wish you were me.


Punkinhead said...

ooooh!!!! So pretty!! Makes me remember I need to finish my goodie and get it in the mail. :)

casserole said...

Oh, I DO wish I were you, you lucky lucky girl!!!! Can't wait to see the new goodies in person!

idyll hands said...

Tee hee! I had to do it up right for Denise! My little heart looks cute - thank you for taking a picture of it. I had fun making something new. Hey, you are the only person to have that item - I don't even have any sitting around waiting to go in my shop.

rimdweller said...

Wow!! Idyll hands has the wire wrapping thing 'wrapped up' talent-wise. And I can't wait to see Punkinhead's new stuff up on Etsy. They're my daughters...aren't they talented!!!

Denise Felton said...

You done good, Mama! Glad you had the creativity gene to pass on to those girls!