Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Odds and ends

My first day back at work after vacation was just wild--busy, busy, busy. And my evening was occupied with getting valentine stuff finished and packaged for delivery today. So I have some catch-up blogging to do.

Annie teaches me something every single day. She got Google Analytics for her blog, and immediately she made me aware of a feature I hadn't noticed or used. GA shows the locations of my readers! While I was checking out the mapping feature, I finally noticed that there's a time-span setting. I'd never touched it, so I was getting a rolling 30-day summary of my site statistics. That means my earlier post about visits, etc., was correct only for the preceding 30 days.

When I asked for data from October 23 (the date I opened my GA account) through December 31, I discovered I actually had 197 unique visitors, 928 visits, and 1,467 pageviews. Woohooo! Furthermore, my visitors came from 12 countries (including 1 visit from Lithuania????) and 30 states (including 55 hits from New Jersey???). Yes, yes, yes!!! Blogging is so fun.

Tim Holtz is starting a monthly technique challenge. You can play along and post your work on his blog. Check it out.

Annie's Etsy word-search game is renewed every Monday. You can play along with her by clicking the link to casserole blog in the right column.

Thanks so much to those of you who posted supportive comments about my cards. Despite my inner critic, I submitted them for consideration. I haven't heard back yet. Keep your fingers crossed.

Finally, please take a moment to surround YaYa Linda Young with loving and comforting vibrations as she grieves the passing of her father. We love you, Linda.

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