Saturday, January 5, 2008

I did it

Just before Christmas, the Etsy admins spread the news through the forum that a publisher was seeking entries for a book of 1000 handcrafted greeting cards. Whoa! Right down my alley. The catch was: I'd just divvied up all of my remainders and shipped them to aunties and cousins and sisters-in-law for Christmas. I had no inventory! Any other time of year, I would have had dozens of cards sitting around. Good grief.

So I couldn't take part in the flurry. People were posting on the forum that they had submitted images of cards and already received acceptances. The first drive was for 50 cards to be used in the dummy. But the deadline for the book itself--which, if its title is accurate, will include 1000 samples--is not until March 15. I tried to be patient and give myself time to rebuild the old inventory.

Tonight, I picked from my newly minted cards a few that are unusual in some way: a narrow twofer card that includes a handstitched felt bookmark; a twofer valentine that includes a beaded and embroidered felt brooch; a valentine on which I've appliqued hearts of my dryer-lint paper onto a dryer-lint paper background; a dryer-lint paper cardfront that I sprayed with Glimmer Mist over a Heidi Swapp mask and then embroidered; a collage card made from paper scraps too small to use otherwise, reproduction Victorian scrap, rhinestone tattoos, and metallic tape.

My internal critic says they probably have more than enough cards already, I shouldn't submit so many valentines this time of year, and my cards aren't very special. My artist self says to my internal critic: "Shut the hell up."

Cross your fingers for me.

Here they are. If you click on the image, a larger, more detailed version opens.


casserole said...

Tell your internal critic to go to hell. These are GORGEOUS!!!! Once again, I am humbled by your creativity and sense of design.

Lisa Bylander said...

Yeah, what she said. That inner critic is a big old dummy! These are wonderful!

idyll hands said...

I'm speechless - those are spectacular.

Julie Anne of Diamondmeenuh Creations said...

you better submit those cards! Your inner critic has no taste cause those cards are fantastic! Keeping fingers, toes, and eyes all crossed for you. AsaMina has her head feathers crossed, too.

Julie Anne of Diamondmeenuh Creations said...

Oh, Denise. If your inner critic ever gets out of control, you just let it know I've got 5 loaded cockatiels and I DO know how to use them :-). Our prayers are with you. You do amazing work. Just keep the faith.

In My Head Studios said...

tie a gag on your inner critic! those are beautiful!