Saturday, January 5, 2008

Better utee

I decided to take a few days off work to get some studio time in. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday ended up occupied by celebration and family business--both good things and well worthwhile. But my week in the studio turned into three days, starting yesterday.

Good news: Heather at Box Turtle called on Thursday and actually requested new cards, valentines especially. That hardly ever happens. I generally feel I'm going around begging people to look at my work. So the call gave me a lift and, luckily, I could honestly say I was wrapping up valentines and could show them next week. I've got 60 packaged and ready to go, which should be enough for both of my B&Ms.

This morning, I got up and went straight to the studio to start work on new collages and spend some quality time with my melting pot. Thanks to Annie's research, I was ready to attempt utee tiles again. And this time it worked. The photo below doesn't do them justice, I promise. They remind me of the glass tiles Polly picked for her kitchen trim. Or big pieces of hard candy. I picked the five I liked best and included them in one of the new collages, which also has a bit of Polly in it. (I used a quote Polly picked from a book that shares her name and a 1953 photo of a two or three year old who easily could have been me.)

Now that I've got the hang of utee tiles, I'm scrounging for ways to use them. I made marbled tiles from Annie's and my disasters, remelted. Maybe I'll heat the surface with a heat gun and embed a glass jewel. Or maybe I'll remelt them again and add more colors and try to create something more interesting than khaki marble. We'll see.

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casserole said...

Oooh, they look like amber!!! You've inspired me to get out my melting pot tonight, but my tiles didn't look nearly as nice as yours. I tried mixing some colors in before I poured them. They all mixed up in transit from the pot to the tray.

On the plus side, I did try out the donut mold and the heart mold. Yum-meeee!