Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Good news/good news

The good news: I went by Box Turtle today to hawk valentine cards. Usually, BT takes 12 to 15 cards per visit. They took 35 valentines!!! And three of my little framed valentine desk doodahs. Holy cow. Heather said they'd decided not to order commercial valentines this year--just to buy from me. How cool is that.

The other good news (I started to say "The bad news," but it's really not bad--just hectic.) : I'm scheduled to show valentines to Margo at the Cox Center on Friday. And now I have no inventory. So I'll be cranking out valentines like a crazy person for the next two nights.

I'm not complaining, I promise. I'm doing the happy dance. But I thought I'd get caught up on e-mail and forums and blogging pretty soon, and now it looks like it will be the weekend before things slow down a little.

Before I forget: Go look at Annie's new "cube bling" on her blog (click casserole in the right-hand column of this page). She is becoming the felt goddess.

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casserole said...

You rock, girl! 35 valentines!!! Of course, I saw some of them in person and there's no question as to why they bought so many.

There will be 35 people in the city of Little Rock who will feel like rock stars when they give out one of your special valentines.