Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh, no!

I got an e-mail from Margo Gustina, manager of River Market Books and Gifts in the Cox Creative Center. She and her family are moving to upstate New York. Next week is her last as manager of the shop.

Margo has been a remarkable leader for that shop. I worked with several managers before her, and they all were kind and helpful to me. But Margo, young as she is, has shown so much marketing savvy and drive. She's made a huge difference in how the shop looks and works for customers. And she's just plain fun to work with--a happy, Bohemian soul.

If I'm lucky, CALS will find someone wonderful to fill her spot. But I will miss Margo so much.

Happy trails, girlfriend!

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casserole said...

I hate that Margo is leaving! Not that I've ever met her, mind you, but I hear so much about her from you. Especially how supportive she has been.

Hopefully the new person will have just as much vision as she does, and will immediately recognize your talent... and buy out all of your inventory!