Monday, December 3, 2007

Indie ain't just Harrison Ford any more

I've stumbled on a completely lovable blog: Indie Finds on Etsy. Almost every day, there's a review of another new Etsy shop, complete with a "mini"--a set of thumbnails of the artist's wares.

The blogger is "Dotty" from Maryland, owner of the Etsy virtual shop I'm impressed with the effort and taste that Dotty puts into her blog. If you're looking for an easy, interesting way to browse Etsy, Dotty's got it going on. Go see!

Added later:

I'm a freakin genius. :) I was just cruising around The Storque, entertaining myself while the job I'm working on is on hold, and I crashed into this article: Go read the official Etsy review of Indie Finds on Etsy. It includes an interview with Dotty. Synchronicity!! A beautiful thing.

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Dotty said...

Wow! Denise, thanks so much!