Sunday, December 2, 2007

Etsy artist of the week: dogwoodlane

You have to check out the handmade bags and wallets by Sally Broadaway, aka dogwoodlane. Her fabric choices are delicious, her workmanship is outstanding, and her designs prove that she understands what we need and want.

Sally recalls when her sewing gene manifested:

“I discovered that I carried a genetic love of fabric when my Grandma and I made a quilt together late in her life. I grew up watching my Mom sew all the time, but it wasn’t until the quilt, the sitting in piles of fabric, remembering the past lives of scraps, making something awesome, that I felt the desire to really sew. I don’t think anyone was more surprised when I went and bought my own sewing machine than my Mom!”

How did Sally wind up on Etsy?

“Once I started sewing for myself, I really fell in love with the whole crafty/diy subculture. I stumbled upon Etsy one day and was changed forever. My friends and husband encouraged me to open a shop with some of the bags I had been making, and in January ’07 dogwoodlane opened. After several months, I am finally finding my niche as a wallet maker with a design that has evolved through lots of trial and error. I have also just begun selling my wallets in a local brick and mortar store. My goal for my shop has always been to make things that are practical yet fun and unique, and I think I can say that I’m doing just that.”

Sally has one of the most charming avatars I’ve seen on Etsy: a photo of tiny, girly boots—on the wrong feet. Sally is the stay-at-home-mom of her boot model. You’ve just got to see the little boots in action.

Sally and her family live in Jonesboro, Arkansas. She’s an active member of AREtsy, the Arkansas Etsy street team. You can see her virtual shop on Etsy, and you can make friends with her on EtsyLove.

Somebody you know needs a dogwoodlane wallet for Christmas. Maybe you!

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Dotty said...

I love dogwoodlane! :)