Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Heidi is a goddess

I'm down with a migraine, so today's post will be short. (I'm fine, I swear. Pain is under control, I'm just still a bit dizzy and nauseated. TMI)

I love Heidi Swapp's line of products. (Right now, I'm lusting for some of her ghost shapes.) I've seen her photo--skinny, young blonde imp with an extreme haircut. The products and the photo made me imagine her as a carefree designer, famous early, living life in her studio and making big bags full of money.

Then I followed the link on Tim Holtz's site to Heidi's site. I haven't read far enough to know all the whys and wherefores yet. But black-and-pink-and-polkadot girl is living in China right now. And she's raising five kids--including an infant and a toddler. How the heck does she have time to do any art, much less have a design business. I think she's my new hero.

Go see her blog for yourself.

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