Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holtz trumps Glimmer Mist

During my little supply-buying orgy last week, I invested in several bottles of Glimmer Mist. I'd seen it demonstrated on a Suze Weinberg video, and I fell in love. Glimmer mist is a dilute dye ink with mica powders incorporated. It comes in a little mister bottle. You can use it alone to create glittery, watercolor-type backgrounds. Or you can mist it over other products to add sparkle.

While I was home holding my head yesterday, the Glimmer Mist arrived on my doorstep. I had to run into the studio and spray it a bit before I went back to bed. It is gorgeous, marvelous. I was so happy.

So today I logged on to check out the latest installment of Tim Holtz's "12 Tags of Christmas." (Yes, he changed the name of the series at the suggestion of some readers.) What technique is he showing? Put some dye reinker in a little spray bottle, add a small spoonful of Perfect Pearls mica powders (not Pearl-Ex; Perfect Pearls contain a binder that makes them stick to paper and work like paint). Dilute with water and spray.

OMG. He just made Glimmer Mist out of supplies I had sitting around in a drawer. Did I actually pay for this stuff when I could have made any color I wanted? It's still pretty, and I'll still enjoy it; but when it runs out, I'll refill the bottles myself.

Does a day go by without some kind of craft lesson learned? Not at my house.

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casserole said...

Oooh, homemade Glimmer Mist!!! We'll have to make some, and then come up with a name as cool as Glimmer Mist. Or even cooler.