Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stupid, stupid weather

Yesterday was supposed to be the day. I was supposed to get my new, improved TV service and high-class, wi-fi Internet. But we had a sleet storm the night before; and, though he tried valiantly and called me repeatedly to report his status, the installation tech wasn't able to get down the icy roads to my house. The next available installation appointment is December 23, so I'll be off line for another week. That means my posts will still be scanty and irregular; but I will be back as soon as I have a reliable connection.


Janna said...

Bless your heart!! I feel frustrated for you. That really sucks. At least you can get service by Christmas. I'm crossing my fingers for you that nothing screws up this appointment for you.

idyll hands said...

Excuses Excuses! Who does your cable down there? I'm not sure why cable companies have such a had time with good customer service, but they do. I would think IF their guys in their trucks can't make it down an icy road to install, that it would be their first priority to fit you in immediately after the ice is gone. Kind of like the trash man - if he can't pick up the trash because of ice one day, you better believe they are out the next day getting trash. Silly cable.