Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hoarding alert

You know how so many bloggers - especially needlework bloggers - are always posting their latest purchases on their blogs. As if any of us care what they bought this week. I always think, "Don't make me look at your stash, you silly thing. Show me what you're doing with your stash." But, you know, stuff has been kind of piling up around here during the weeks that I've been working on proposals and living with houseguests. So I can't believe I'm doing this, but look what I got.

I won a gift certificate to The Fabric Square Shop through True Up's half anniversary giveaway. I never win anything! Really! I can't believe I was so lucky. These are jelly rolls in Moda's Woodland Blooms and Flutterby. So delicious.

So then (as a lucky fringe benefit of my research on behalf of my CraftGossip blog), I found out about an incredible sale over on Jojo's Gift Shoppe. I got these jelly rolls and charm packs for 1/3 to 1/2 off. They're Moda's Urban Couture, Charisma, Completely Kids, Recipe for Friendship, and Pumpkins Gone Wild.

I got these awesome dot prints on eBay for a song.
This yummy batch of fat quarters came from an Etsy shop I've just discovered, adele hartlip. Gorgeous fabrics, great prices, fast shipping.
These fat quarters came from one of my favorite AREtsy sellers, downshadowlane. The first set is Jewel Mobile and Starling from Alexander Henry in several colorways. The second is (yes, I admit it) every single colorway she had of Sweet Jasmine from Amy Butler.

Okay, so what am I doing with all this stuff? For the most part, I'm waiting for them to speak to me. I'll have the time to listen to them soon.

But I was motivated by Annie's purchase of a new Sizzix die to start a couple of new things. (When Annie gets a new craft toy, it's about 98% the same as if I'd gotten it myself.) She got a 4" circle die for her Big Kick. So I cut and pieced some of the Woodland Blooms strips into sheets about 4.5" wide. Then I showed up at Annie's last night and ran them through the diecutter. These will get sewed together into ornaments for this year's Christmas cards. I'm thinking I'll add a little embroidery, some beads, a grommet and ribbon, a bit of stuffing...
I also took along some sheets of acetate stamped with swirlies in white Staz-On. These 4" circles will get folded into angel dresses for another set of Christmas card ornaments. Annie's fertile brain came up with brilliant diecut wings - made from Hello Kitty's bloomers. Yeah. Bloomers.

I've worked on a few more miniquilts. I like how the one with green bugle beads is turning out. And the one with the big star was great fun. I saw a similar design on the web during my blog wanderings and had to try it. Lots of French knots and beads. I'm hoping it's as cool when finished as I've imagined.

In case you've been wondering, Codie has moved to Benton, but the itteh bitteh kitteh is still with me. She may move eventually; but since Codie's intended is violently allergic, I suspect Avalon will be my companion for the long term. She still has some health issues, left over from her rough start as a foundling. But she's getting big and strong and wildly curious and mischievous. Right now, we're both learning hard lessons about playful biting. Geh.
So, I've procrastinated long enough this morning. It's time to get started on what I hope is my last day of proposal writing. On weekends, anyway. It will be so good to have this behind me.


Janna said...

Gorgeous fabric! I love your mini quilts!! I really love the star design with the French knots. It's so cool! And the itteh bitteh kitteh is so adorable! Lucky you to have her for your companion!

casserole said...

Wow! I love how these quilts are coming out!!! You're definitely moving into a new phase of your art with these... Did I mention that I love them yet? Ah yeah, I did, but it does bear repeating...

And somehow I knew when I saw that first little pic of miss fluffiness that she'd be yours to keep.

Oh Mandie! said...

I must admit - I hate you a little right now!

The fabric horder in me is screaming in jealousy!

ElegantSnobbery said...

I want everything pictured, including that darling cat!

And I'm guilty of showing off my Etsy purchases :) I just can't help myself!!

Debbie Nelson said...

What a precious little kitty...all the fabric is awesome. You always have the most beautiful colors. Denise, I am not very computer savvy at all...just ask my I don't know how to play tag...sorry.

joanie said...

Those mini quilts are gorgeous! The colours are fantastic too - all those details, wow.