Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Something to tell your kids

Stacy Pickell once said to me, "It's as if your brain is a warehouse full of buckets. Most of the buckets have at least a little knowledge in them. But kids have a way of asking questions that go straight to whichever bucket happens to be empty."

When my daughter Rachel lost her first tooth, her daddy told her most seriously that she must remember to put it under her pillow so the Tooth Fairy would find it and leave her a reward.

"Why does she want my teeth?" Rachel said. "What does she do with them?"

Daddy sat there stunned. His bucket was totally empty.

"Well, duh!" I said. "She makes pearl necklaces out of them! Daddy, how could you forget that?"

Today, I was cruising the craft blogs, looking for fodder for my CraftGossip gig, and I stumbled across a post by Becky Stern of Craftzine.com pointing to this find in the mag's flickr pool. It looks as if the Tooth Fairy is branching out!


Oh Mandie! said...

Brayden has his first loose tooth... I'll have to make sure I tell him about the toothy pearl necklaces and earrings! :-)

Janna said...

Love this story! I'll have to tell Zach about this when he asks me why the tooth fairy wants his teeth. I'm sure that question will come up. So far, no loose teeth here.

ElegantSnobbery said...

Tooth fairy branching out... that is so funny!! Gracie is so excited to lose her teeth so the tooth fairy can take them. She hasn't asked why yet.. she just knows it is supposed to be a great thing. I'll have to tell her about the necklace