Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good and iffy

Good: The tiny background quilts for the Polly series of collages, all ready for binding. (By tiny, I mean 4.25" x 7.5".)

Iffy: The Christmas ornaments. Cotton just doesn't want to fluff. I'm going with them anyway, but next time I'll use knits. Does that mean I now have to make Addie a knit wardrobe? Maybe I'll hit the remnant table instead.


Lisa_in_AR said...


joane said...

They're gorgeous even sans the fluff factor! Thanks for the mention on Craft Gossip today. I've only just realized you have a separate blog - yes...I'm a bit slow.

Bethel of Bethania said...

G'day Denise,
These are just so adorable ... while in my slumbers early this morning it hit me that this idea would be a great embellishment for aprons I have in mind. Hope you don't mind if I pick your brain a bit about this???
I'm thinking hearts - larger OK about 4" to 6" in height, but do you think I would need to cut them a certain way to make them fluff more as I will be using cotton fabric too.
Also do you just put them in the washer or into a little underwear bag - I'm thinking how do you get all the little threads out of your washer ... yes my slumbers were a bit disturbed ... ha ha
Even if you can steer me in a direction to find answers to these questions I'd be most thankful ... OOroo ... Bethel of Bethania

ElegantSnobbery said...

Those are the cutest things ever!!! I'll have to try my hand at making some.

Punkinhead said...

Wow - you were thinking about xmas in September!! I need to get that disciplined. I started figuring out ornaments to make like, two weeks ago. :) I LOVE my ornament, by the way!!