Thursday, June 12, 2008

I love this toy!

I was cruising around the web this morning while I waited for new documents to come in, and I stumbled across this post on craftstylish about zefrank's magical flower generator. This toy is so much fun, I can't stop playing with it. Go check it out. And if you can think of a practical craft application for it, I'd love to hear it.


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Lisa_in_AR said...

That is cool! I think you could print it out and do a transfer on to a t-shirt or something. I'm going to have to check that site out.

Janna said...

The flower generator is really neat. I made a couple of designs. You know the kinds of things your grandma had on table tops and stuff that were embroidered? Mine had doilies that were crocheted and tatted, but she also had some made of fabric with designs embroidered on them. Does anybody make those anymore? If so, this thing could be a design tool for something like that. You could get an idea of how certain colors would look before you started. Or if you made wreathes, you could get an idea of how certain flower combinations would look when finished.

Are you and Codie feeling better? I sure hope so.

Denise Felton said...

Janna--We're both much better, thanks to you. And I really appreciate it.

I get to see lots of that kind of needlework on my new gig, and it's definitely making a comeback. And great minds think alike. I made a couple more designs on the toy...hydrangea wreath and hydrangea wreath 2.

casserole said...

Any way to print out the designs? Cause they'd make some beautiful screenprinted fabric!!

How goes the proposal?