Monday, March 17, 2008

Headless chicken

I let everything go this weekend and worked straight through on collages for the ACAC spring show. I never even got dressed on Saturday. As of this morning, I've got 3 pieces finished that look like they'll work. I've got one "maybe"--didn't quite turn out like I expected. And I've got two more that are nearly complete. I think I can finish them up tonight.

Some of the new pieces incorporate embroidery and beading on fabric. (I usually do needlework on paper for my collage backgrounds.) This was an effort to start moving toward the fabric collage experiments that Anne, Scarlett, and I have committed to. I like the way they turned out, but they were actually much more time consuming than embroidery on paper. Surprised me.

Then I'll need to come up with two more collages before I leave for Florida--one for the BACA auction and one requested by Emese Boone for her son's school auction.

Polly said the other day that she wants to commission some art for her office and that we can talk about it while we're in Florida. My head has already raced ahead on that one. I'm thinking maybe this is the place to start with an art-quilt wall hanging, if she's open to that idea. On the other hand, there's a thing I've been wanting to do with miniature chairs that might suit Polly well. Chairs follow her home and lurk in her basement. (That's a whole nother story.) And she's the only one of my friends who is as fascinated by miniatures as I am. Back in the day, she used to send me handmade accessories for my doll house--including a fully decorated Christmas tree. And there's a little guitar that sits in my mini living room, signifying Polly--as if a tiny Polly had just been sitting there singing and playing and stepped out of the room for a moment. (Hey, that made me realize it's been a really long time since I've heard Polly play and sing.) So, anyway, she may be the ideal recipient for the chair project. It might cost a freakin fortune to ship the finished project safely to Minneapolis, though.

And then when I get back from Florida, I need to crank out Mother's Day cards at high speed.

This is all so much fun. I really, really wish I could earn a living doing this so I could do it all day long every day. Universe, are you listening?

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