Friday, January 11, 2008

Running around with my hair on fire

Work is still crazy-hectic. And then I run home to craft like a speed demon so I'll have stuff to show the Cox Center next week. Booga booga. The blog is kind of falling through a crack.

I did get some utee hearts made last night, which I'm planning to use on the new crop of valentines. Annie gave me a flexible ice tray with heart-shaped wells. Woohoooo! So I tried it out, and the results are a lot like the utee tiles, only they're heart shaped and less amber colored. I sprinkled glitter in the wells and poured the utee on top of it. Turned out pretty. Maybe I'll get a photo posted this weekend. If not, I'll definitely be back with a new artist of the week on Sunday.

1 comment:

casserole said...

mmmm.... nothin' says Valentine's Day like the smell of singed hair...

Seriously, though, I know you'll come up with something totally spectacular. You always do.