Friday, December 28, 2007

Posh-y challenges

What can I say about Dee Gruenig. You either love her or you hate her. I know at least one YaYa cringes at her gushing, squealing explanations of her stamping techniques, often featured on Carol Duvall's show. Her ink colors and techniques are a bit hysterical for me, but I always learn something from Dee.

Like most reps of big crafting companies, Dee is on line, hawking Posh Impressions' line of wares. She's got her own crafters' club, and the club has...challenges! You can see them (and join in) at the Club Posh forums.

The most recent challenge is pretty cool: "As promised, we are starting a new Club Posh Artistic (CPA) Challenge centered around Carol Duvall's wonderful new book, Papercrafting With Carol Duvall! Unlike some other CPA Challenges, the only 'tricky' part of the Papercrafting With Carol Duvall CPA Challenge is going to be the inherent challenge of CHOOSING which of the many projects she features in her book to try first! Naturally, if rubber stamps are used in the project she features, you'll get 'extra applause' from us if you feature a Posh stamp, but it is not mandatory to use a Posh stamp."

Am I the only one who didn't know that Carol Duvall has a new papercrafting book? Gotta go. Gotta hit

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Janna said...

Nope. I had no idea that Carol Duvall has a new book. I'm gonna go check it out on too.