Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kick in the pants

Sometimes, I'm overflowing with ideas. They come faster than I can capture them, much less carry them out. And other times, I need a kick in my creative pants. I think lots of folks are like this, which explains the popularity of "challenge" sites. I'm discovering more and more blog-type sites that pose, say, a weekly art challenge. Devotees create something in response to the challenge and then upload images of their efforts. This is fun stuff--it's candy for a YaYa.

My list of such sites is getting longer and longer. I'll probably blog about all of them eventually. But I'll start with just a few that should be especially attractive to stampers.

Mixed Media Monday offers a new challenge every...well...Monday. Here are the rules: "Create your mixed media piece, according to the current theme and upload it to your blog, or picture trail etc., then add a link to Mixed Media Monday. Then post a comment on Mixed Media Monday with a direct link to your artwork." You can even guest-host a challenge on this site.

Wednesday Stamper appears to be a German site, but instructions also are posted in English, and there appear to be many English-language participants. The site's rules are easy, too: "Post your project using at least one rubberstamp on your blog/journal/picturetrail... and mention Wednesday Stamper with a link. Then leave a comment with the static link to your direct post. "

Inspire Me Thursday follows the same theme. To participate: "Simply visit the site each week, join in the challenges, meet other artists, browse the recommended books or websites, be inspired to create some art. It’s up to you how much or how little you participate."

Saturday Stampers has retired as an active challenge site, but you can still see some amazing artwork in the archives.

If I tried a little harder, I'll bet I could find an active challenge site for every day of the week! If you want to push yourself a bit, join in on one of these challenges. Or if, like me, you're mainly interested in couch-potato-type inspiration, go check out the archives of these sites. There's plenty to keep your imagination--and the seat of your pants--busy.

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