Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Moore love

Several years ago, the YaYas made a road trip to a rubber stamp convention in Grapevine, Texas. None of us had ever been to such an event before, and most of us were just getting our feet wet in the paper-arts world. We didn’t know who was who. We were just overwhelmed with all the color and the possibilities and the stuff.

In addition to shopping, the convention offered workshops throughout the day. I had more time than money, so I focused on attending the workshops and picking up techniques. The sessions were vendor sponsored, so most of them (disappointingly) were little more than sales pitches for products. But one vendor—Tracy Moore—was not only fun but also educational. He was full of tips and interesting art philosophy. And he talked a lot about his wife’s approach to art, too. It became clear that they were a team.

Later in the day, I took the same workshop again because Tracy had given us a heads-up that his wife, Teesha, would be leading the next session. What fun! I got a fresh set of tips and ideas. And I got to hear many of the same stories told from the other spouse’s point of view.

These people were warm and funny and genuine. They seemed like regular people, even though their art was amazing. For example, Tracy talked about the fact that he has a regular job (in HVAC, maybe?) to support his family and the couple’s art addiction.

Long after I was home, I found out that Teesha and Tracy Moore are well-known—gurus of visual journaling. Who knew? They are so prolific, I don’t know how they even have time to sleep.

From the main page of Teesha’s site, you can drill down to Zettiology rubber stamps—the Moores’ line of art stamps. Or you can find out more about and subscribe to Art & Life Magazine or buy back issues of their earlier art magazine, Play. You can get information about or sign up for Artfest or Artfiberfest—two nationally known artist retreats organized and managed by Teesha. You can connect to Teesha’s blog and see what she’s been cooking up. You can look at her latest journal pages. And—ooooooooooo—you can peek in their studio, a wonderland of art supplies and finished projects. And she includes Tracy’s site on her page of artist links. His handmade journals deserve a blog entry all their own.

Go check out the Moores, and be prepared to be awed. But keep in mind: They’re real, lovable people.

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