Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Go play with casserole

Casserole (my friend Anne Weaver) has started the coolest game on her blog.

The other night, I was over at her house, abusing our friendship by letting her diecut 200 felt hearts for me. And while she worked (and I sat nearby, appreciating her work), we got to chatting about our blogs. She said she wanted to do something fun and motivating, but she wanted it to be different and new--not something you could see on every Etsy-loving blog. And I watched as this idea sprouted and blossomed.

Her idea is brilliant. And fun!!! Go check it out. You can always get to casserole's blog by clicking the link in the right-hand column of this page under "Check Out These Blogs."

And go down to the next post and read the comments. My heart almost stopped when I read number 1. Claudine Hellmuth posted a comment on my article about her!!!! OMG! SHE did. Herself. Her Claudine-ness. Wow.

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