Friday, December 14, 2007

Altered felt

When I'm not playing with old photographs and beads, I'm usually fiddling with felt. Right now, I'm beading and assembling 100 mini-ornaments for Box Turtle. (Thanks so much, Emese and Heather!) Because I needed to put together so many little pieces in such a short time, I decided to try out my Beadazzler on them. Oooooooo. Rhinestones and studs LOVE felt. They sink in and make themselves comfy. One more tidbit on my mental Things To Do with Felt list.

Then this morning, I opened my Etsy shop and found a convo from Annie with a link to this item by daskaninchen.

She screenprinted a design onto felt! Brilliant! Now if I just had a Gocco...

And then it occurred to me: We could be stamping on felt. I have wasted years not stamping designs with ink or stazon or paint (and then embellishing them with beads and sequins and floss). The possibilities are staggering. Glitter paint. Puff paint. Metallic paint. Could I One-Stroke on felt? How about heat embossing?

I know I said my very next project is going to be the String books. But I might have to run home tonight and stamp a little bit on felt, just to see what happens. I have a feeling valentines will emerge from this...

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Shannah said...

Thanks for featuring my brooch here:)

Felt is my favorite material... it has such a rich history and the possibilities are endless. Happy creating with your new ideas with lots of good wishes your way!