Monday, November 12, 2007

Treasury jackpot!

Annie called earlier this evening to say that the number of Treasury lists on Etsy was down to 233 or something...close enough for us to be on stand-by to try to grab Treasuries of our own. Treasuries are lists of 12 Etsy items each, curated by members. They usually center on a theme of some kind, and they can't be used for self-promotion. That is, you can't grab a Treasury and fill it with your own stuff. The idea is to organize and promote work that might not otherwise be found among the tens of thousands of listings. When the number of lists drops to 222, members are standing by all over the world to try to grab the next available slot.

Annie and I both managed to snag Treasuries tonight! Unbelievable. And when I went out to check comments a few minutes ago, I found that another AREtsy--Jacqueline Asher, this week's featured artist--also had pulled down a list. Wow.

I freaked out when I realized I had a live list. I had to think fast, so I decided to go with a Treasury of safe, handmade toys--kind of a follow up to my blog entry from a couple of days ago. Some of the items are the same; but some of the items from my original list already have sold! Yea! So I got the chance to find and feature some new toys. You can see the Treasury at

Annie's Treasury, "Etsy humor," includes one of my mini collages. Thank you so much, girlfriend! You can see it at

And Jacqueline used her Treasury, "AREtsy team," to promote the Arkansas Etsy street team--what a nice thing to do! She also included a mini collage. I feel like Miss America tonight. You can see Jacqueline's list at

Each Treasury has a life span of only a couple of days. Be sure to check them out while you can.

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