Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Big mamma jamma

Every time I'm crafting around Annie and Janna, I get jealous of their big mamma jamma ATG guns. Janna discovered these things.

I usually use Tombow monoadhesive applicators--little reels of sticky, like double-sided tape without the tape. I go through mono like goldfish crackers when I'm on a card-making roll. And even when I find an online deal, it's just not cheap.

At stamp camp a week ago, Annie's ATG gun was in evidence, and I was once again seized with tool lust. I'd resisted it so far because the gun looks big and awkward--heavy for a person who already has trouble controlling her hands. And the last time I looked them up online, they weren't cheap, either. Two things happened at stamp camp that swayed me: I picked up the gun and discovered that it hardly weighs more than the little mono applicators. Very ergonomic, too. And then I heard Janna's cost analysis. She was telling another camper that she'd researched the comparative costs of ATG vs. mono, and even with the price of the gun figured in, ATG is far cheaper.

I jumped into Janna's conversation and said, "We used the adhesive without the gun for our displays and stuff at Michaels. And it is way stronger than regular mono. We got it from the framing department--they used the guns back there." And Janna looked at me and said the magic words, "Yes, it's a framing supply. Go to framingsupplies.com."

That did it for me. I hit the web site as soon as I got home. I bought one of the new guns that is built specifically for 1/4" tape. And a dozen rolls of adhesive. And then I had the wiggles until my order arrived last Saturday. I set to work making 50 thank you notes for Heather, each having 3 layers on top of the card and a ribbon also attached with the adhesive. And I didn't even come close to using up a roll of adhesive. WooHOOOOO!!! Plus the gun is a dream to use, and even brushed metallic cardstock stuck. Boy, did it stick.

The ATG gun is my nominee for best craft tool of the year.

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