Sunday, November 18, 2007

Etsy artist of the week: The Twisted Purl

Cyndi Minister is aptly named. Her handpainted yarns and roving are inspirational on many levels, and her virtual shop’s motto is, “On a mission to help knit lives to Christ one stitch at a time.”

Cyndi is known on Etsy and the web as The Twisted Purl. Here’s what she says about her work:

"I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. When I was in kindergarten, my teacher told my mom, 'She will grow up to be a great leader! If she can just figure out how to get people to follow her.' I have always known I was destined to be my own boss. The Twisted Purl business officially got its license in August of 2007. My genes are full of crafty people. My grandmother used to go into the woods, come out with a couple sticks and make the most amazing things you have ever seen! My other grandmother is a very talented quilt maker upon many other talents! I was born to be crafty and here I am!

"I had started knitting for therapy. Being the mama of three boys (two of them 15 months apart, let me tell you, I needed something!!!) I really loved knitting, but it was the yarn that really drew me in. I was (and still am) a yarn-a-holic. If they had sessions for the addiction, I would have to attend bi-weekly! I was in Vermont, visiting my mom, when I saw a very exquisite yarn shop. I went inside and discovered Cherry Tree Hill Hand Painted Yarn. My jaw dropped. I didn't care about the price, I HAD to have it. Still to this day, the yarn sits in my closet. It is just too beautiful to use! Long story short, I realized this is something a person could could paint yarn??? I started learning all I could and then discover my true passion in life. When I paint yarn, all the problems of the world fade away. There is only me and the yarn, and it is such a wonderful feeling!

"I attended a class in Massachusetts, this last summer. It taught me all about blending colors and some other nifty tricks. I proudly can now reproduce any color I see anytime I would like. This class was a glorious thing to be a part of. Not to drop names, but some of the more professional and well-known fiber artists have attended this class. It really was an honor to attend.

"There is a verse in the Bible that calls to me "Her hands are busy spinning, her fingers twisting fibers" Proverbs 31:19. So I became The Twisted Purl."

Cyndi’s haiku:
Inspired by God
Colors of nature and sky
Yarn I paint for Him

Cyndi is one of the founders and leaders of AREtsy, the Arkansas Etsy street team. She and her family live in Conway, Arkansas.

You can see and buy Cyndi’s beautiful work in her Etsy shop or on her web site. And you can get to know her better on her EtsyLove page.

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