Thursday, November 8, 2007

Doing my chores

I'm still trying to get my Christmas stuff into the shops before Thanksgiving weekend. I'll deliver cards to Box Turtle today. Hopefully, I'll connect with Margo soon and get my stuff into River Market Books and Gifts, too.

Last night I printed new labels for all of my in-stock collages. I used to print just the title of the piece and my contact info and attach it to the back of the collage. But when I started writing back stories for the pieces for Etsy, Polly and Jonathan said I needed to include the stories with the pieces. Made sense to me. So the new labels have the little stories in tiny print between the title and the contact info. They look pretty good, but they won't show when the pieces are on the wall. I guess I should print up some dupes so Margo can post them next to the pieces if she wants to.

I don't know if I'm going to make my goal of delivering twice before January 1. But the pre-Thanksgiving delivery is a must. Then it's time to start on......valentines. Gawd.

I'm eager to get my deliveries made so I can get back to playing. Which will fill my house back up with stuff that I will then need to deliver so I can make more stuff. *singing* The circle of life...

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