Friday, November 2, 2007

Coin flips: progress

I've spent the past couple of nights putting together coin-flip ornaments ala Annie's suggestion.

First, I sponge painted them with metallics--a dull gold, a bronze, and a bright yellow gold. (I still want to try utee embossing, though.) Then I removed the mylar. I strung beads and crystals across the openings on metallic gold thread, glued the flips shut, and punched holes in two corners. I attached a brass and copper tassel with a jump ring in one hole, and I attached a hanging thread in the other. (I want to find prettier hanging cord or ribbon, but I just had to try this out.)

I tried photographing them a half-dozen ways, none of which worked very well. In this version, I propped a sheet of black matboard against some books and laid the little ornaments on it. They still slid a little, so the tassels are a bit bunchy. I should have found a way to hang them, like Annie did with her sparkly star ornaments.

These will go onto the fronts of this year's Christmas cards, which should make it into my B&M shops next week. Then, hopefully, I'll have time to play with the other coin-flip ideas. Can't wait!