Thursday, November 1, 2007

Claire was bright on Halloween

Polly called last night to chat after she and Claire got in from their Halloween celebration. As we were talking, I could hear Claire faintly in the background. Polly said, "Tell Miss Denise about your costume." Claire was having a shy moment and didn't want to get on the phone, so she gave her message to Polly and Polly repeated it to me. It went something like this: "Claire was a princess..........who was turned into a vampire...........who was turned into a pirate...........who was turned into a stoplight." I pondered that for a second.

"So," I said, "She was wearing a tiara, vampire teeth, an eye-patch, and a stoplight?" Polly said I was close. No eye-patch; Claire was carrying a sword. I could imagine everything but the stoplight. Polly explained the costume Kevin (Claire's dad) made for Claire. I'm mad at him right now for being not nice to Polly, but you've got to give him credit for this idea.

The stoplight is a box. If I'm picturing it correctly, the box fits over Claire's body. Three holes are cut in the front of the box and covered with red, yellow, and green paper, like a stoplight. Claire could hold a flashlight inside the box and shine it through the paper-covered holes one at a time, making the traffic signal change. Cool! And, you know, if you add a tiara and some vampire teeth....well, it just doesn't get any better than that.

I'm hoping Polly took photos of precious Claire, who looks like a little redhaired fairy even when she's not wearing a costume.

I'm still just a little bit disappointed about no eye-patch.

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Cathy said...

oh that costume sounds too cute! bet she had an absolute ball! :)