Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finding binding

A note came across the Art YaYas list this morning from Kimberly about the joys and possibilities of coil binding trash into usable objects. She said she hasn't seen too much coil-bound stuff on Etsy yet, but she also says she is pretty new to the site. So I went back to look for other Etsians' ideas that I can share (meaning, adapt or steal outright). Here are some I like.

Decadence2artbar is binding vintage record album covers into notebooks.

ChristineRenee is making journals with covers from old Harlequin romance novels.

arrrt has a line of tiny journals with ATCs for covers.

2cheekymonkeys created a journal by cutting the case binding from a copy of Encyclopedia Brown and rebinding it with blank pages included. She notes that you can use the blank pages for journaling and still read the children's novel on the original pages that follow the blanks.

My friend Polly O'Grady made me the coolest handmade envelope book a while back. Etsy artist PollyMcMillan takes that concept a step further with this coil-bound version.

And this little 5x5 journal by masahk uses animal-fact cards from the 80s as covers.

I'm thinking recipe cards, flash cards, old playing cards, used greeting cards, index cards and index tabs, coin envelopes, coin flips. What wouldn't be even better with a plastic coil binding!

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