Friday, November 30, 2012

Catching up...

Nov 8 thankfulness: I'm echoing my precious friend's thankfulness post today with absolute sincerity. Today, I am so thankful that Debbie Nelson is cancer-free!
Nov. 9: Today I'm so thankful for my brother Danny and his wife Becky. They rescued me and gave me a place to live during one of the most difficult times of my life. I'll never forget that kindness. Their three remarkable children make me so proud to be their aunt. And our lifelong friendship is something I deeply value. I love you guys!
Nov. 10: Today I'm thankful for the Art YaYas, my crazy crafty friends who push each other to have fun and be creative and try new things even when we feel like they're an artistic stretch. Who engage in extreme potlucking girlie style. Who are happiest when working on a project together for a cause. And I'm doubly thankful for Kimberly Eagle, who has kept this group together and inspired for more than a decade. I love ALL you girls! XO, Princess Deer-in-the-Headlights
Nov 11: Thankful for my jobs. Seriously grateful to continue making a living in an economy in which so many's lives are uncertain and in a world where there is so much want. Grateful to be able to do work that is mostly rewarding and satisfying rather than, like so many, having to resort to demeaning or demoralizing labors to keep from being hungry and homeless. Grateful to work in the perfect environment for me--from my recliner, in my safe and comfy house--rather than in the stressful or downright dangerous situations that are part of so many jobs. I'm really dang lucky, and I know it. I'm also lucky and thankful to be on vacation for the next two weeks. WooHOO!
Nov. 12: I am always thankful for those who serve in the military to protect us all. But today, on (observed) Veteran's Day, I'm doubly grateful. I'm thinking especially of the service of my dad, Joe, who even though he was just a kid took an incredible load of responsibility at the front lines throughout WWII. His stories of D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge need to be recorded for posterity. My uncles, some of whom served for a while, and others--Wayne Gallas and Glen Hensler--who were career military. My nephew Sean, my stepdaughter Melissa and her husband Jeremy, and my stepson Daniel, all of whom have served in war zones. I respect and admire you all.
Nov. 13: Today I am thankful to have the most awesome hair stylist in Little Rock, Arkansas! Monica Craig, M Salon, just sayin...
Nov. 14: I am so thankful today that I don't have to live in my past. Parts were joyful and fabulous. Parts were like being flayed alive or walking through a blast furnace. But it's all back there and I don't have to do it again. I am free to make a new adventure every day.
Nov. 15: I'm so grateful that my tremor can be treated so I can continue working, stitching, and creating.
Nov. 16: So many women feel trapped in bad relationships by their financial dependency. I'm thankful for the education and opportunities to survive and prosper on my own, so a relationship is a bonus, not a necessity.
Nov. 17: Thankful for the kind of friends who become your sisters over the years. Friends with whom there is mutual deep understanding, acceptance, respect, unconditional love, and trust. And FUN! I would count myself blessed to have one such sister/friend; but I am unbelievably lucky to have three. Polly Ligon O'Grady and Rhonda Newsom came into my life at nearly the same time and at the same place about 25 years ago. (Yea for all the wonderful things Winrock International did for my life.) And I met baby sister Anne Weaver long ago, when she was just beginning her career as a writer; but our friendship really took off about 10 years ago. I mean no slight to my other precious friends, whom I love, enjoy, and deeply value. I'm a very lucky woman to have so much love in my life.

Nov. 18: I'm thankful to have a new(ish) washing/dryer set so I can get all my laundry done today to pack for MN. With the old dryer, it would have taken at least 3 days!

Nov. 19: Today I'm so thankful for affordable air travel. As eager as I am to see Polly and Claire, I don't think I could face driving to MN on my own.

Nov. 20: I’m thankful for the opportunity to make new friends – Polly’s awesome friends Erin and Cindy and their beautiful daughters, Mimi and Maggie. What fun! Oh, and I’m thankful that Polly is a rockin cook!

Nov. 21: I’m thankful for Claire O’Grady, who has been on this earth 15 years today, and who has made the world a better place just by being here. I know it will embarrass her for me to point this out, but in addition to being smart, creative, talented, and oriented to helping those in need…she’s also just gorgeous. I love my Claire.

Nov. 22: I’m thankful for Thanksgiving. I’m thankful to watch TV in my pajamas while eating fabulous food and sitting next to one of the dearest friends in my lifetime. What a shame no one took a photo of the two of us with bedhead gnawing on giant turkey drumsticks!

Nov. 23: I’m thankful for a fun day of creativity with the O’Grady girls. Got to do a little shopping, a little making. A great way to get in the Christmas season mood.

Nov. 24: So glad to be home safely. And grateful to mark another year that my precious sister has been on this earth. Remember, Tanya, no matter how old you get, you’ll always be younger than me.

Nov. 25: I’m thankful for Rita Mitchell-Harvey of River Market Books & Gifts, who is my advocate, champion, and uncompensated agent. Her active encouragement to me and promotion of my art has made it necessary to spend this whole day making snarky Christmas cards. Yea!

Nov. 26: So thankful to have my awesome job and team to come back to. Also grateful to learn that baby Maggie Wallace arrived safely last Friday. Welcome, Maggie!

Nov. 27: So proud of Codie and Corey for jumping off into independence by renting an apartment of their own. I know this is a huge, scary step; but I believe it will be really rewarding for them. And I’m so thankful that they’ve found a roomy, comfortable home in a great part of town for an awesome tab. Seems meant to be!

Nov. 28: Thankful for a chance to catch up with dear friends Jonathan Weigt and Heather Byrd for our traditional holiday meal – nacho lunch at Canon Grill. 

Nov. 29: Thankful to have discovered ‘Lost’ and that I can watch one episode after another on Hulu instead of having to wait years for the mystery to be solved.

Nov. 30: Grateful every day for my awesome life full of loving family and friends, meaningful work, creativity, and one blessing after another.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today I'm thankful for...

I am so lucky and grateful that my daughter married Corey Pope. As a human being, he is kind, loving, hard-working, optimistic, supportive, funny, and generous. As a son-in-law, he is...a son. Loving, respectful, helpful. He is just freakin adorable, and I'm so thankful he's part of my family. Love you, Corey Pope!