Thursday, September 4, 2008

A wonderful birthday

This year, my personal holiday stretched to more than a week. My birthday was Tuesday.

On Saturday, I had a long phone visit with Polly (on her birthday; I really miss the days when we lived near enough to one another to celebrate our birthdays together). Then my parents dropped by - with a Black Forest cake from Silvek's, OMG - and shared some laughs around my dining table. They also spoiled me with a handy gift and a card with a personal note that gave me tears and made me so proud.

On Sunday, my youngest daughter and her boyfriend made dinner for me and watched home movies with me. Let me tell you, that boy can cook! And the time we spent together did my heart a lot of good.

Monday, having lost track of the date, Annie called early to be the first to offer good wishes. That made my heart sing, too, and I was so glad to have a chance to catch up with her a bit.

Tuesday, my work buddies treated me to lunch at The Flying Fish, one of my all-time favorite spots. I used up 42 Weight Watchers points, and I enjoyed every single one of them.

I got e-mail greetings from an auntie, and a sweet card from a cousin, and a handmade work-of-art card from YaYa Lisa, and a silly card from my sister. And this coming weekend, there's a YaYa get-together at Lisa's house to celebrate three YaYa birthdays: Kimberly's, Leigh's, and mine. Birthdays just don't get better (or longer) than this.

But I know all of the people who so kindly spoiled me and made me feel like a queen will understand when I say the very best gift of all was a handmade card my daughter left for me to find on Tuesday. It's beautiful, of course. She's an artist. But what it says made me sit down and have a happy cry.

Thank you for doing so much for me. I don't know what I'd do without you. You're a wonderful mom. I just needed to grow up to see it! I love you, mom.


Anonymous said...

I am a stranger. I was browsing entries about handmade greeting cards and scrapbooking (coz I wanted to learn more) and I stumbled on your post.

Your daughter made a very beautiful card. That brought me back to my childhood days when I used to grab colored pencils, crayola, and thin markers and a thick white bond paper (back home we call in oslo paper) to make my mom a birthday card. It wasn't much of a beauty to see (in my opinion)but now, I know she loved them. I used to do them when I was 6-8 y.o. so u can imagine the funny drawings and stuff. I think the last time I made her one was 2 or 3 years ago, using dried petals and flowers and black inks and construction papers and my own hands still.. hehe!

Oh, and happy birthday!!! :)

dogwood said...

OMG! Happy (late) Birthday!!!!!
Oh, how I miss Silvek's and beers and yummy food at the Flying Fish!!! Sounds like you had one fabulous birthday!

idyll hands said...

Oh no! I missed your birthday. I hope it was a fabulous one, you deserve it.

ScrapbookDBA said...

Denise -
I shall never know the joy and pain of being a parent ... thank you for sharing a glimpse of such a wonderful moment between mother and daughter!

Hugs to you and hope you had a wonderful birthday!


Lisa_in_AR said...

We're going to reschedule our YaYa day so we can extend your birthday just a bit more.
What a wonderful card from Codie.

Oh Mandie! said...

Happy belated birthday!! Mine is in a week ... your daughter and her boyfriend are more than welcome to come and cook dinner for me as well!

So glad your day was a wonderful one!

Janna said...

Hope your birthday was happy! I'm looking forward to celebrating with you at the next ya-ya day.