Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm going to post pretty soon...I promise

I'm a little behind in posting, but I'm charging ahead with creating. Right now, I'm having a mini-collage frenzy. I've got six of them going at the same time. My shop is looking so empty, I thought I'd better crank things up a bit. I'll be winding them up and listing them in the next few days.

I ended up turning down the Heifer job. Too much red tape, too much repetitive work, not enough income. So I'll be turning those designs into cards for my shops. I'm hoping to mass-produce some this weekend to get caught up.

Then it will be time to get moving on Polly's collage set. OMG! Her birthday is almost here! I need to shake it!

And then there are the hundreds of ideas that burst from Annie constantly. And I want to play with every single one of them. I hope she's been capturing the river of brilliance in an idea notebook. If we somehow suddenly became rich enough to spend all of our time crafting, I still wouldn't have time in this lifetime to work through all the ideas Annie has generated. But I would give it one heck of a try. (With no hope of ever catching up because she spills forth new genius every single day.)

And there's something else cooking right now that has me really excited: A group venture that is just beginning to emerge and take shape. You know you'll hear more about that as it develops.

In the meantime, perhaps I'd better go earn a living...

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casserole said...

oh come on now, eating is HIGHLY overrated. and a roof over your head, well that's just excess. Oh, but wait a minute. That roof also covers your studio... yep, better get to work!