Friday, May 2, 2008


I've been poking around the web, looking at ethnic textiles with the Heifer try-out in mind. My first thought was that bits of native textiles on the cards would (a) be colorful and touchable, (b) represent Heifer's work regions beautifully, (c) be different than the usual artist papers. And I still think all that. But after researching a bit more, I've realized that I'm uncomfortable about chopping up these works of art. Yard goods wouldn't be a problem, but genuine handmade textiles don't seem to be available in yard goods--only in finished items. I will not cut up a tapestry. Or an ethnic ritual garment. It just feels wrong.

So, what now? I can use reproduction prints, garnering the same design advantages but lacking authenticity. Or I can do *sigh* papers. One possible compromise: On eBay, I found a listing for papers printed with photo reproductions of kente cloth. The shipping is way high, but I'm thinking about doing it anyway. I couldn't use all African motifs, though, so then I would have the problem of locating papers that counterfeit Asian and Latin American ethnic designs. What to do. What to do.

A promising find from my eBay browsing: Lots of textile printing blocks are available, mostly from India. Any one of them would work for producing the card's focal image. Beautiful, authentic, and no licensing issues. Win-win-win.


casserole said...

maps, perhaps? maybe spritz on some walnut ink to give some warmth...

ElegantSnobbery said...

I don't have any suggestions, but I understand how you feel completely! I'm that way about vintage text. I can purchase text or sheet music that has already been removed (by someone else) from its original book, but my stomach just can take pulling the text out of a vintage book, even if the book is beyond ruined and has no monetary value whatsoever. It just feels so wrong!!