Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dyz is rockin Sherwood

One of my favorite members of AREtsy (the Arkansas Etsy street team) is glass-artist dyzart, aka Deb. Her glass goddesses are to die for. And Deb is such a pleasure to be around.

We got the good news, just a few weeks back, that Deb was launching a brick-and-mortar shop. With the help of some other AREtsies, she had the doors open in record time. I cannot wait to see her new place! Anne, Scarlett, and I have scheduled a crafting frenzy for this weekend (which we somehow labeled the Drunken Bunkin' party). Any good girlie day has to include a bit of shopping, so I'm hoping to hit Deb's new shop. (And maybe the nearby quilt shop, too.) I'll be back with a full report.

If you're in central Arkansas, you need to stop by, too. If not, you can bookmark her Etsy shop (which is a bit low on inventory at the moment, no doubt due to the demands of opening the new RT spot), covet the goddesses on her web site, or visit the online version of the new store.


casserole said...

I SO cannot wait!!!

Janna said...

Wow! I just visited Dyz's Etsy shop. She has sold some gorgeous works of art! She doesn't have anything available for sale at this time, and I totally understand why she sold out. Her stuff is just as you said, to die for!

Ms Dragonfly said...

wow, i love her!