Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ready to fly!

I'm still fighting the flu aftermath, so I've had a lot of cough-medicine-induced naps this weekend. But whenever I was awake, I was working on finishing up Jonathan's and my Eggshibition entry. As I've mentioned before, Jonathan built the machine and housing on which our entry is based. I was just the decorator. I've spent the past couple of weeks gathering elements and assembling parts. This weekend, I got it all put together. And I'm so excited!

It needs 24 hours for all of the epoxy to cure, so I'm thinking we'll probably deliver it to Youth Home on Tuesday. Hopefully, it will show up on the charity auction's web site soon afterward. In the meantime, here's a preview.

This year's theme, "There's no place like Youth Home," suggests the Wizard of Oz. Our entry, flying monkeys, is the home of the Wicked Witch of the West, with our ostrich-sized egg posing as the witch. This is a big dollhouse--about 3 feet tall. On the ground floor sits the witch wearing the ruby slippers. Upstairs: the monkeys' quarters. And in the attic is storage for witchy essentials: her crystal ball, her giant hourglass, a cauldron, a few pumpkins, and jars of eye of newt, hen's teeth, and frog hair. And here's the best part: The whole thing is an air cannon!!

You put one of the winged, red sponge-ball monkeys into the chimney, step on the bicycle pump a few times, and then press the red button on the side of the house. And the monkey flies out of the chimney with a foomp! WooooHOOOO!

Here are a few homegrown shots. I just realized that I didn't take a photo of the cannon apparatus. I'll do that before we deliver the house and post the shot here. In the meantime, lookie here!


casserole said...

holy crap, that turned out so COOL! They're gonna love this at the auction!! You are a goddess. Tell JW he's an honory goddess as well.

Lisa_in_AR said...

Denise that is AWESOME!!! I LOVE the witch's ruby slippers... and the air cannon to launch the flying monkeys, you guys are freakin' geniuses!!!!

dyzart -- just call me deb said...

wow Denise! You are my creative hero!

Stacie Hoo said...

I cannot wait to see the details in person and play with the flying monkeys! You guys did an awesome job making your idea come to life. It is so cool!

Julie Anne of Diamondmeenuh Creations said...

wow! Can't think of a better word beyond 'wow'. That's incredible! Will definitly have to save tiel eggs for you guys!

ScrapbookDBA said...

The amount of detail is incredible! I love the pictures of the witch above the monkey's basket! The black and white theme is awesome!

You are REALLY good, eh? :)

Happy Egging ...


ParrotiseBeads said...

I love this! I really wish I could see it in action! You need to post a clip of it going off! Oh, BTW, you've been tagged at my blog!

idyll hands said...

I hope you know how much that rocks! You are so talented!

And you are also too much - your comments on my blog made my evenings.