Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fairies are coming

I promised I'd post the fairies Gracie and I made this weekend, and I will. Soon. Really. I finally shot photos of them last night; but when I uploaded them, I wasn't happy with the result. I'll try again tonight and be more careful. The fairies are so freakin cute!

In the meantime, think about this: Claudine Hellmuth has a new book in the works, due out this fall.

Here's what she said about it on her blog:

I can't reveal yet all the details about book 3 except to say it will be different from my other books. This one isn't technique oriented -- it more of an inspirational jump start type book for scrapbookers, journalers and artists. I will give you a hint just for my blog reads because I love you so much. OK ready for the hint ... if you have enjoyed my quick collage podcasts you will like this new book!

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