Saturday, January 26, 2008

New stuff from Tim

Oooooooo. Tim Holtz has posted three new videos on his blog, demonstrating his three newest products: elements, the design ruler, and the texture hammer. Cool.

The one I'm most likely to buy: the design ruler. He's figured out how to get nearly everything we need from a ruler in one tool. It measures, of course, in one-inch increments and is gridded at the quarter inch. It's acrylic, so these measurements work like a quilting ruler--you can see through to what you're measuring. One edge is tapered for drawing a straight line. The other edge has a metal strip you can use as a cutting guide. A centering ruler is incorporated, and there's a row of holes along one side. The holes are spaced 1/8" apart, so you can use them as a piercing-and-stitching guide.

I haven't checked the price yet. But chances are good that I'm going to replace my stack of one-purpose rulers and stitching guides with this one genius tool. You da man, Tim.

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ScrapbookDBA said...

I watched all 3 of the videos this week as well.

Agreed, the ruler is pretty cool .. for me the selling point are the paper piercing holes at 1/8" increments ... very cool. I hope the LSS carries it in the future.

I also like the acrylic fragments and will be using those on an upcoming project if I can find them soon.

Thank you for sharing Tim's blog! I have been a stalker ever since ...