Monday, January 21, 2008

Claudine's on Etsy!!!!

Holy carp!!!

I was poking around on Claudine Hellmuth's blog. Her Friday post features a snap of one of her collages that I've seen (and loved) before, Smile. For the Illustration Friday theme of "plain," she captioned it: Maude always knew she was the plain one. As I was sending it tender vibrations, my eyes fell on a note below it: "This image is was licensed as a greeting card design by The Greeting Place and is also available for sale right now in my Etsy store!!"

What??!!! Yes, it's true. Claudine Hellmuth has an Etsy store. You can buy her artwork from $20 for a small reproduction to $35 to $195 for an original. You can commission a custom work for $75. I nearly fainted. I just assumed one would have to go through an agent or a gallery to touch Claudine's work. But she's right out there with the rest of us Etsians--has had an Etsy storefront since July of 2006.

Here's her Etsy profile: "I'm a mixed media collage artist, illustrator and author." That's it.

Wow. What I really mean is: Wow.

Go look for yourself.

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claudine hellmuth said...

hi! I found you thru Google Alerts! thank you so much for your sweet post about my artwork! you made my night!!