Tuesday, December 25, 2007

YaYa greetings

[Blogger did something weird to my images when I uploaded them the other day, so I've reposted them. I hope they show up a little better now. And this revision also gave me a chance to post Mel's beautiful accordion card that just arrived. --df 12/26]

I have the prettiest holiday mantel in the world, mostly due to the fact that it's loaded with handmade YaYa Christmas cards. Look what the YaYas did this year.
1 - Lisa Bylander
2 - Anne Weaver
3 - Kimberly Eagle
4 - Debbie Nelson
5 - Stacie Hooder
6 - Linda Patkin
7 - Mel (the Crafty Pig)

Thank you, YaYas, for making every holiday brighter.


Anonymous said...

WooHoo! I've been published! I'm FAMOUS! An editorial note, my card was largely CASE'd from a card in the gallery at www.papertreyink.com
Lisa B.

Denise Felton said...

Listen to you, trying to give someone else credit for your gorgeous card. Tsk-tsk.


Janna said...

All of these cards are gorgeous! The ya-ya's outdid themselves this year!