Monday, December 10, 2007

Texture hammer

Tim Holtz's tag of the day uses his new texture hammer to distress grungeboard hinges--make them look like old, distressed metal. I haven't seen the texture hammer on the shelves or the Internet yet, so I'm wondering what the tariff will be. If it's fairly cheap, then it's probably my new tool. If not, why couldn't I get a dollar-store tack hammer and, maybe, make hot glue dots on the hammer's surface? Wouldn't that do the same thing? Or how about a meat-tenderizing hammer?

To see Tim's "12 Tags of Christmas" series, click his name under "Check Out These Blogs" in the right-hand column of this page.


casserole said...

Oooh, texture hammer! Of course, I remember seeing on a Carol Duvall show a long time ago that people made their own texture hammers by putting little drops of hot glue on the end of a rubber mallet. I wonder if Dollar Tree sells rubber mallets.

Anonymous said...

Guess what I found at Scrapbook Corner tonight? A hammer and some grungeboard! Hammer was $13.99 ... it will be waiting on you to come play with it on Saturday! I can't wait to play with the grungeboard! I want to mimic Tim's tags! Love them.