Thursday, November 15, 2007

I adopted an egg

When I arrive home from work in the evening, I come into my house through the garage. But I always pause on my way through the house to open the front door for a second, just in case there's a surprise waiting for me on the doorstep.

Last night, two boxes were waiting for me. Yea! One said Stampin' Up! all over it, so I knew my latest lustful purchase was here, and I started just to tear into the box right there on the porch. But the other, bigger box was so mysterious. No postage. No label. The box wasn't even sealed--the flaps were just overlapped to hold the box closed. What in the world?

I dragged the boxes into my little foyer and lifted the flaps on the big unmarked package. The box was full of straw. But tucked into one side were some papers from Youth Home. My egg! It's my egg!

Sure enough, when I dug gently down through the straw nest, I found the most gorgeous molded egg, about the size of an ostrich egg. I volunteered to create an "artist egg" for Eggshibition this year--a benefit for Youth Home, Inc. This organization is dear to my heart for many reasons. Last year, I got involved too late to reserve an egg, so I donated a collage and a beaded doll. This year, I get to do the real thing.

I looked at the naked egg in its little nest, and I felt overwhelmed. I have no idea what to do with it. None. I hope something comes to me before the deadline.

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