Thursday, October 18, 2007

New goals

Yesterday, I met my first goals for my Etsy shop: 50 sales, 100 hearts. WooHOOOO!!! Oh, wait a minute. Now I need new goals.

What do I want to accomplish in my art life by January 1. I’ll make notes here so I can look back on New Year’s Day and see how I’m doing.

  • Now that my shop is semi-established, I want to focus it more on collages and cards and less on supplies. I’ve already taken down all supply listings that had 20 views or fewer. I’ll take down the others bit by bit. From here on out, I’m going to create simultaneous listings for a piece of work and supplies used in it. No supplies go up without an example of how they can be used. And I’ll cross-reference the listings to each other.

  • I’m going to deliver work to my B&M shops twice before January 1.

  • I’m going to donate art to charity at least once per quarter. This quarter, it’s a collage for the BreastCare silent auction. Next quarter, it will be an egg for Eggshibition. I need to be on the lookout for a project for the April-June 2008 quarter.

  • I’m going to respond to at least one call for entries each quarter—a reader contribution, as with Somerset Studios, or an actual art competition. I am not going to become attached to the outcome. I’m just going to make the effort to send my art out into the Universe and let the Universe take care of it.

  • I want to figure out what this blog is about and use it to connect with others. How am I going to measure that one? Hmmm. I guess the only way to tell if my blog is being read is if readers comment on it. So I’ll shoot for a total of 40 comments on my blog by January 1.

That’s plenty for now. Mercy!


Anonymous said...

Great goals, and inspires me to set my own... darn it!

Lisa B. said...

I can not believe what you have done with this in the last 24 hours! The blog looks great. Can't wait to see what's new in the world of Princess Deer-in-the-headlights.